Real Property Transactions

For Consumers, Agents, Lenders, and Investors

Our team of real property & title lawyers has a long history of advising both consumers and industry professionals on real estate transactions, supporting both residential and commercial clients. We regularly advise mortgage lenders, real estate brokers and agents, realty associations, investors, as well as consumers needing transactional assistance. We understand all aspects of real estate transactions and the variety of related needs that stem from them, allowing us to tailor our legal counsel to fit your situation.

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With Northwest Law, You Can Expect Access To Attorneys Experienced in the Following Areas:

  • 1
    Buyer/Seller Transactional Representation, Including Limited Scope Services
  • 2
    Title, Escrow & Settlement Services
  • 3
    Real Estate Contract Drafting/Negotiation
  • 4
    Property/Lot Splits and Land Development
  • 5
    1031 Tax-Deferred Exchanges
  • 6
    Oil & Gas severances or Lease Interpretation
  • 7
    Land Installment Contracts & Leases With Options
  • 8
    Easements & Shared Driveway Maintenance Agreements

* There are many more matters that may arise, and these are just some examples of the legal work we provide.

How We Can Help With Real Property Transactions

Real estate transactions typically involve significant financial commitments and decisions made by all parties involved. Often times, people make decisions based on advice from friends, agents, loan officers, etc. In real estate, what you don’t know can hurt you. Maybe not always today, but perhaps in the future. That is why having experienced real estate and title lawyers advise you before you sign documents or commit to a course of action is highly recommended.

Real estate transactions are more complicated than the average homebuyer understands. There are many subsets that require expert understanding, such as: contract law, common contingencies and how to navigate them, conveyancing and tenancies, easements, restrictions on use and enjoyment, title examination, title insurance, mortgage lending regulations like RESPA and TRID, lien clearing, taxes and assessments, oil/gas/mineral rights, surveys, homeowners associations, condominium regulations, probate estate sales, foreclosures, trusts & fiduciary duties, powers of attorney, and more.

Having an experienced partner advising you as you undertake a real estate transaction will ensure that you understand the risks and can make the right decisions for your future.

Our Affiliation with Northwest Title

Our firm is uniquely positioned to provide excellent legal counsel for those in the real estate industry. We exist alongside a regional title insurance agency, Northwest Title, because of the common ownership of the two companies. Therefore, our firm directly assists individuals, professionals, and businesses in many markets, and regularly meets the needs of all sorts of participants in the real estate industry, including investors, lenders, real estate agents, brokerages, landlords, tenants, buyers, and sellers.

As an additional benefit for our real estate community, Northwest Title and Northwest Law collaborate to offer continuing education classes for real estate professionals to gain credit for the Ohio Department of Real Estate.

Real Estate Attorneys In Ohio & Kentucky

At Northwest Law, our attorneys bring decades of experience to the table as well as possessing the intangibles that can help you resolves matters efficiently and effectively. Attention to detail. Transparency and accountability. We can simplify the complex. As your legal counsel, our goal is to help prevent problems and roadblocks to create a smooth real estate transaction, and ultimately ensure that nothing can come back to cause future problems for something you didn’t realize now.

We have physical office locations throughout Columbus and Cincinnati, the Ohio Valley, Scioto Valley, and even in Northern Kentucky. Do you have questions about our real estate legal services?

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