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We're Part of Your Team

Our attorneys are here for you when experience counts and you need an expert in your corner. We are here to be your team’s legal partner. We can assist you with your real estate transactional needs as a professional, plus we are equipped to be your referral source to provide to your clients. When a consumer needs proactive and protection oriented counsel, we are here to help with all types of real property matters, estate planning, or even probate estates.

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Our Real Estate Industry Legal Counsel Offerings Include:

  • 1
    Counsel for Realty Associations' Standard Forms Committees
  • 2
    General Counsel for Real Estate Brokerages
  • 3
    Mortgage Lending Transactional Counsel
  • 4
    Legal Counsel for Real Estate Investors
  • 5
    Title Insurance Claims Counsel for Underwriters
  • 6
    Real Estate Document Preparation for Title Agents

Your Legal Partner

Whether you are: a real estate agent, real estate broker/owner, mortgage loan officer, mortgage lending manager/leader, property investor, or title company;  we are here to be a resource to you and your clients. We see it often that people, whether professionals or consumers, wait until its too late to call a lawyer. At Northwest Law, we are here to talk about situations BEFORE things go awry. We help prevent problems and losses, we educate the industry on how to handle situations, and we protect people’s future time and prevent future headaches.

Northwest Law Has Affiliate Companies to Provide the Following Services in Tandem with Our Legal Counsel:

  • 1
    Title Insurance and Property Research Reports
  • 2
    Escrow Settlement and Closing Services
  • 3
    Judicial Reports for Foreclosure Cases
  • 4
    Qualified Intermediary Services for IRC 1031 Tax-Deferred Exchanges
  • 5
    Continuing Education for Licensed Real Estate Agents
  • 6
    Custom Dashboard Reporting for Title Companies Using Ramquest Title Production System

Are Your Clients Asking You For Advice?

That’s where we come in. We want to be your legal services team member. When your clients starts asking questions that go into that gray area of legal advice, that’s when you refer them to us.

We are here to help make you look good and take some of the weight off of your shoulders when it comes to being the go-to for all questions. Here are examples of the types of things you can refer your clients to us for:

  • When your client is looking at buying a property that doesn’t yet have a legal description of its own
  • When your client is talking about things requiring unique language/customizations to the contract
  • When your client asks you about the oil/gas rights incumbent with a property
  • When your client asks you for advice on what’s in a title insurance commitment
  • When there is a question about easement rights or shared driveway agreements
  • When your client asks you about saving capital gains taxes on real estate transactions
  • When your client asks you about how to avoid probate
  • When your client mentions that they should get a Will
  • When the title search shows that the property needs to go through Probate

Tell your clients to call us at 614-610-4000, or email us at:

Counsel for Brokerage Owners

There are many elements to running a successful real estate business. There are also many legal implications for the decisions you make that could impact the future of your business. We want to take the pressure off your decision-making by providing you with available counsel for the inevitable questions that arise regarding your brokerage operations including: agent or commission disputes, employment law, ICA’s, brokerage forms and policies, and general business operations counsel.

We are dedicated to providing real estate brokers with the practical and cost-conscious legal support they really need.

We Built Our Firm To Meet The Demands of the Real Estate Industry

We understand the importance of timeliness and the inherent nature of speed that must occur within everything touching a real property transaction. Our firm Northwest Law was built simultaneously with the building of Northwest Title, and so our mindset with providing legal services matches our customer-centric approach to title and closing services. We have locations throughout Columbus and Cincinnati, as well as many more in the Ohio Valley, in the Scioto Valley, and even in Northern Kentucky. Our goal is to help prevent legal problems and ultimately help your real estate industry business succeed.

Are you ready for a legal partner that will help you build and support your business?

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