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Northwest Law is your go-to legal resource whether you’re looking to protect what you already have, or seeking guidance as you make your next moves forward. Our team focuses our legal practice on real estate, estate planning, and probate administration. Do you need a team of trusted lawyers to help you move forward in one of these areas?

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Real Property Law

We provide legal counsel on real property transactions from all sorts of perspectives. We assist consumers and investors in all types of transactions related to real estate, as well as providing legal counsel for realty association’s standard forms, for example. We teach and advise mortgage lenders on how to properly secure their mortgage loan or navigate documentation requirements and regulations. We provide title opinions. We also assist real estate brokers with general counsel for running their brokerages.  Our attorneys work with a variety of types of clients, but the theme is always the same.  We help protect you and your interests.

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Estate Planning & Probate Law

Estate planning goes far beyond managing your finances in the event of your passing. We believe a proper estate plan is the active protection of your assets, your legacy and the financial future of your family. Our attorneys work with you on an individual basis to determine exactly what your wishes are, and help you understand your options. We also provide probate administration legal services, for when that loved one passes away. We provide advice and counsel to protect your assets, and also to handle them when the time comes for inheritance and probating the estate.

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Here To Help You Every Step Of The Way

In addition to these services, our team can provide general counsel to recommend what next steps you should take to resolve a variety of other outstanding legal issues. Do you have additional questions about how we can assist you further? Looking to speak directly to an attorney for additional information?

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